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TennisShorts Lite


A must have coaching tool for the serious player. TennisShorts is designed to track Tennis matches both Singles and Doubles (full version). It allows the user to collect statistics in a choice of two modes, basic or detailed. Basic mode tracks basic statistics that one must have in a match, from points won, to aces, double faults, break point conversions, unforced errors, per set statistics, player momentum changes and much more. Detailed mode adds 1600+ statistics describing shots won or lost. Users who tested this app loved its user interface and the ease in which it helps collect such massive data related to a Tennis match. This game-like interface makes it possible to collect per-player statistics when tracking not only singles matches but doubles matches as well. You can view and share match stats up to the last play at any time during a match. If a match is suspended due to weather or any reason, no problem, just choose Suspend Match (full version) from the menu and TennisShorts will save the unfinished match for you so you can resume later, when play resumes. If during tracking you make a mistake and push the wrong button, no problem, TennisShorts is forgiving and has unlimited Undo capability. Finally, a fun audio score announcer is built into TennisShorts that could be turned on/off during tracking. Thank you for choosing TennisShorts.